By Ethan Hollenberger

z UWW 1In January, I exposed the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater’s
Contemporary Public Issues lecture series, on The New Guard. The
university spent over $50,000 on liberal
speakers this year
. Now, after being stonewalled on an open records request, another $50,000 has
been spent on-you guessed it-more liberal speakers.

By encouraging young people like myself, Young America’s
Foundation is committed to exposing bias in academia.

For decades, Young America’s Foundation has assisted student activists host conservative speakers on campuses around thecountry. Clearly,
as YAF’s analysis of commencement speakers further indicates
in order for students to hear conservative ideals, other student
activists must do the work.

Students at Marquette University hosted conservative speakers
like Michelle
John Stossel
SE Cupp
Herman Cain
Chris Horner
, and Mike
 on campus with help from the Foundation.

Whitewater administrators admit they find speakers based on
topic. Recognizable conservatives are once again missing from the
university speaker series. Topics next year include electric cars,
plastic, immigration, and agriculture.

The speakers, speech topic, honoraria are as follows:

Chris Paine – $14,000 – How many light bulbs
does it take to plug in an electric car?
-Paine is a liberal
filmmaker and climate change activist. His two documentaries
advocate for the need for an electric car.

 – $7,500- Clear and present safety –
Cohen is a former staffer for liberals such as Gov. Bill Richardson
(NM) and Senator Chris Dodd (CT).

 – $7,500 – Plastic: A Toxic Love
 – Freinkel’s talk will surround her book of the
same name. Freinkel supports plastic bag bans and many liberal
climate change public policy positions.

 – $10,000 – Taco USA – Arellano is a
Mexican American who blogs in support of amnesty and in-state
tuition for illegal immigrants. Arellano uses satire frequently in
his lectures, columns, and book.

Ruha Benjamin – $5,000 – Race
 – Benjamin is a professor of African American
Studies at Boston University. On twitter she has implied FOX News is racist

 – $7,500 – Back to the Future of
 – Philpott supports liberal climate change
policies in his blog on Mother Jones.

In total, UW-Whitewater is spending an additional $52,000 on
liberal speakers and topics. 

The lecture series has no topics or speakers supporting free
markets, tax reform, or smaller government. The university has
ignored multiple email and phone call requests for comment on their

Even with liberals in academia turning a blind eye on
conservative ideas, it has become clear YAF’s work to bring balance
is a much needed breath of fresh air. 



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