In an official press release issued to mark the beginning of the school year, Williams College elected to break down its class of 2020 by gender ‘identity’ rather than biological sex.

“Of the 552 incoming students,” the release stated, “267 identify as men, 251 as women. Two identify as trans or transgender, and one identifies as non-binary.”

Williams also took the opportunity to throw some shade at Common App, the popular tool that allows students to apply to multiple schools at once, writing, “Thirty-one students did not respond to an optional question about gender identity (but did answer a required binary question that appears on the Common Application).”

How dare the Common Application include a “required binary question,” callously adhering to the biological reality of the human body.

Williams is a notoriously liberal school, but its decision to quantify students by gender identity rather than biological sex is another alarming indication that our campuses are moving so far to the Left, they can’t even wave to the center.

The same press release also bragged about providing incoming students with the opportunity to, “explore intersections among environmental sustainability, identity, and social justice.”

This is the type of indoctrination greeting students around the country who are entering their freshman year of college this month.

h/t Inside Higher Ed

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