DePaulYAFTablingWithout Young America’s Foundation, my college experience would
have been a lot worse than it has turned out to be.  

Two years ago, I became one of many students to enroll at DePaul
University; however, one of the biggest differences between my
peers and I was that I happened to be a conservative, an
excessively rare breed of individuals on any campus, especially a
campus in the heart of Chicago.

Because of my affinity towards conservatism, I decided to become
involved in campus activism. The only right-wing group on campus
was the College Republicans, and when I attended their first
meeting, I realized that there was a lot of work to be done. The
club was in disarray; the attendance rate was at an all-time low;
and it seemed as through the Right would never have a chance to
flourish in a city and state that has long sided with

This is why some of us conservatives on campus chose to create a
Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) chapter at DePaul. We needed a
strong support base to assist us in a variety of ways, helping
spread the light of conservatism to one of the darkest cities in
America. This is when I began to speak with Patrick Coyle, the best
decision I have made in my college career to date.

I remember that after my first call with Pat, I received a box
of materials to start our own Reagan Revolution at DePaul. Other
YAFers and I were armed with pocketbook Constitutions, posters,
pamphlets, movies, books, and everything else that we needed. Since
that first delivery of goods, Young America’s Foundation has
continued to support us, giving us much needed advice, funding, and
opportunities that would otherwise have been unavailable.

With all of this support, DePaul YAF has been able to organize
multiple successful initiatives, such as the 9/11: Never Forget
Project and No More Che Day. Along with those events, we have
hosted lectures this year by Herman Cain and Allen West, two
prominent conservative speakers. Among our other accomplishments
this year, we have also doubled attendance at meetings. I now know
that it is possible to spread the message of conservatism at
DePaul, something that seemed impossible to me as a freshman two
years ago.

Without Young America’s Foundation, the Conservative Movement at
DePaul would have little hope for survival. Along with other
members of my chapter, I am so grateful for all that YAF has done
for us, and I will always be indebted to the organization and to
the great people there with whom I have worked, such as Patrick
Coyle, Raj Kannappan, and Katie Taran.

Thank you, YAF!

Written by Brendan Newell, Chairman of the Young Americans for Freedom chapter at DePaul University


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