Berlin WallEach year, two significant events are overlooked on college campuses—the November 9 anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall and Veterans Day. Both occur during the same week and provide conservative students with excellent opportunities to build programs around these important days.

On November 9, 1989, the Berlin Wall fell and led to the collapse of the Soviet empire and symbolized the failures of centralized economies. Even though Marxist/Socialist ideas have been soundly repudiated, leftists still fervently preach these ideas. Additionally, the Obama administration is intent on pushing government control as the solution to our policy problems. This results in an increasing skepticism of capitalism among young people. A Rasumussen survey showed that 33% of young people prefer socialism over capitalism and 30% are undecided.

On the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, your group can warn students about the endless misery, rationing, and despair that results from socialist policies and ideas. You can also question why many leftist students and professors still advocate these concepts.

Veterans Day is another important milestone occurring during Freedom Week. Thousands of servicemen and women proudly serve to defend America. Unfortunately, students on college campuses are inundated with messages from the news media and leftist student groups who, on a daily basis, attack America’s military. Your group’s participation in Freedom Week will help bring about well-deserved recognition for our men and women in uniform.

Over the next week, we will be highlighting the activities students can organize on their campus for Freedom Week 2009. However, you can  download  a pdf which explains all the activism ideas for Freedom Week and download free fliers as well. More free resources will be available soon! 


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