By Matthew Hernberg


This week, The College of New Jersey (TCNJ), a taxpayer-funded
college near the state capital of Trenton, permitted the TCNJ
Chapter of PRISM, the campus “queer-straight alliance,”  to
dedicate an entire week to gender-neutral bathrooms. This campaign
involves making most of the bathrooms located on the first floor of
the school’s student center, library and other heavily trafficked
buildings all unisex. The purpose of the campaign is to bring
awareness to the lack of “equality,” according to PRISM’s website,
“for gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people, and the
heterosexual people who support them.” However, the campaign for
equality is nothing more than a social experiment right out of the
cultural Marxist playbook. Ironically, PRISM’s
struggle-for-equality narrative actually infringes on the liberty
and equality of the rest of the student body.

What’s happening here on the TCNJ campus this week is far from
original in its origins, though many of the supporters of the
unisex bathroom campaign fail to realize, or at least acknowledge,
the paradigm that they’re actually promoting. By taking a look at
history, the paradigm of cultural Marxism came from the German
Marxist Frankfurt School, where influential political philosopher
Herbert Marcuse believed that the purpose of college students is to
“radicalize the departments inside the university.” More
importantly, Marcuse’s philosophy was very influential in shaping
the sexual revolution of the 1960s here in the U.S. According to, “the world’s largest encyclopedia of gay lesbian,
bisexual, transgender and queer culture,” Marcuse believed in
encouraging new social forms of “erotic communities or pleasant and
fulfilling work environments.” In other words, further dividing our
country into groups that would allow for new ways to organize the
workplace. As notes, Marcuse’s political philosophy on
gay rights “was compatible with the American emphasis on ‘civil
rights’ [while also providing] a viable basis for community
organizing and development of ethnic group politics.” Organizing
the community and using what we do in the bedroom to further divide
us as a nation, in actuality only divides us more. Abraham Lincoln
even once said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

Specifically, if a student group is going to push a particular
agenda on campus that’s funded by not only the taxpayers of New
Jersey but also by student tuition of the college, the public and
the student body should be aware of the greater context of their
campaign. And by the way, does TCNJ PRISM even know that they are
promoting a belief that is descendant from Marxism, which is
totally against the core values of our nation and to those that
fund the school? Student privacy and safety are most importantly
affected by the group’s effort to promote their cultural Marxist
ideology whether intentionally or not. One female student said that
she feels vulnerable should a guy walk in while she’s using the
bathroom. One liberal student said that though he believes in the
LGBT movement, the measures that PRISM is committed to on campus is
where he “draws the line.”

This is Marcuse’s radicalization of college campus at work or
cultural Marxism at its finest. Many students feel that their
rights of privacy and well-being are threatened as result of the
few who are either unaware or pushing a particular political
philosophy that goes against the very foundation of our great
nation. The equality of the student body is also at stake where the
ability to voice our safety concerns is silenced out of fear of
being labeled insensitive or ignorant.

Matthew is CNJ Young Americans for Freedom chapter founder and chairman and former TCNJ College Republicans chairman.

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