Social justice warriors at the University of Texas- Austin crashed a bake sale hosted by the Young Conservatives of Texas (YCT) on Tuesday, angrily jerking packages of cookies off an event table.

Video of the thievery was obtained exclusively by Young America’s Foundation.

While their leftist peers angrily berated YCT activists, hilariously costumed SJW bandits approached the table, swiped the cookies, and ran away.

True paragons of moral behavior.

YCT hosted the bake sale in order to illustrate the inequities of racial preference policies, charging varied amounts of money for the same product based on a prospective buyer’s race. In a Facebook post, the group explained, “YCT is a truly colorblind organization and believes that all government institutions are constitutionally prohibited from discriminating on the basis of race in all circumstances, including affirmative action.”

It continued to say, “Our bake sale will have a tiered pricing method intended to illustrate this disastrous policy that demeans minorities on our campus by placing labels of race and gender on their accomplishments.”

Images of the event went viral online. Social justice warriors on campus are already circulating a petition to kick the group off campus.


Thankfully Young America’s Foundation and YCT are bringing Ben Shapiro to campus on November 3. No one is better equipped to teach these SJWs a lesson on tolerance than Ben.

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