After Lt. Col. Allen West’s YAF-sponsored Fred Allen Lecture Series speech at Saint Louis University (SLU) Thursday night, a SLU alumnus who served our country sent Young America’s Foundation a powerful email slamming the school.

His message is printed below in its entirety.

To whom it may concern,

I am an alumni of SLU (Parks 1980).  My wife, son, mother, sister, aunts, uncles and cousins are all SLU alumni.  Additionally, I have a relative who is a former President of the University, as well as one who currently teaches at SLU.

The recent treatment of Lt. Col. West by the University is deplorable.  I attended his presentation and was embarrassed by the willful ignorance of the administration, faculty and student body.  The evil tentacles of political correctness have destroyed a once proud University. 

As a veteran I stood to protect our freedoms.  Its disgusting to see the week-kneed,  self-absorbed behavior I witnessed.  Lt. Col. West spoke nothing but the truth.  Apparently these individuals can’t handle the truth!  They want to label his remarks, “hate speech”.  What a joke!  More ominously, I have been told you might retaliate against the students  who invited Lt. Col. West to speak!  If this in fact happens, I will spare no expense to help these individuals.  Additionally I am reaching out to every alumni I know and encouraging them to halt any financial support they give the University until you regain your sanity.

I have nothing against Muslims.  My problem is with a religion that wants to destroy me for my faith.  I question why Muslim students would want to attend a Christian University?  I don’t understand why a Christian University would coddle those that wish to destroy its Christian underpinnings?  Its tantamount to the Jews willingly surrendering to the Nazi’s to be sent to their deaths.  You’re existing in a naive’ world.  I want nothing more than to live in a peaceful world. Unfortunately, human nature will never allow that to happen.  So, we will always need to be on guard.  Sorry, that’s how the real world works!  You’d know that if you had seen the world as I’ve seen it,  not ensconced in your comfy little offices. 

As long as I’m on a roll, something else has bothered me for quite some time about the University.  When my son attended SLU, he had professors openly supporting abortion.  Why would a Catholic University allow this behavior?  You want to label Lt. Col. West’s remarks hate speech?  I guess these professors remarks are loving encouragement to the unborn. 

Don’t throw stones in glass houses!


Captain H A Johnson
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