University Hosts Event on ‘Queer Politics of Food Justice’

Students at California State University Los Angeles (CSULA) can’t even eat a meal in peace without being shamed by campus leftists.

Last week, the CSULA  Cross Cultural Centers hosted an event titled “Food For Thought: Queering Your Food.”


As if SJWs weren’t already preoccupied with sabotaging CSULA YAF events, they have now embarked on a new endeavor to fight for “food justice.”

The event description listed on CSULA’s website hilariously states: “Food justice is an important movement started to push back against the marginalization of people through their diet. While people living in lower socioeconomic status have options that are cheap, they are often denied healthier options due to the price of the food and the time it takes to buy/prepare meals. Join the Food for Thought series in learning about the queer politics involved in food justice.”

I’m not quite sure how queer politics fits into the equation but the challenge of eating healthy on a budget seems like a problem every college student on a tight budget encounters.  Leftists never take a break from politicizing everyday activities, and creating an environment of self victimization.  What’s next, “The Politics of Breathing?”

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