UW2By: Hillary Cherry

Youth unemployment remains high, and the Youth Misery Index
continues to increase. How does the University of Washington
address this problem? By adding a diversity course to their list of

Starting in the fall of 2013, University of Washington students
cannot graduate until completing a course in “diversity.” Students
will now have less time to focus on their selected area of study
while receiving their required dose of leftist indoctrination.

The school states, “The requirement is meant to help the student
develop an understanding of the complexities of living in
increasingly diverse and interconnected societies.”

Will these so-called “diversity” courses include all ideas and
perspectives? An article from the Daily UW notes,
“Diversity courses will focus on at least one constructed identity
and aim to address aspects of prejudice and inequality in
contemporary society.”

The diversity coursework is said to embrace “sociocultural,
political and economic diversity at local, regional, and global
scales.” Students will now be required to take classes on
“constructed identities” and questions of “oppression” from a very
particular and subjective perspective. None of which will help
students find jobs to pay off their record-high college loans.

Sheila Edwards Lange, vice president of the “Office of Minority
Affairs & Diversity,” stated, “I think that we’re finally going
to be able to provide the learning that our students need for this
century and the future and beyond.”

What kind of learning does the University of Washington think
its students need for this “century and the future and beyond?” Not
practical economics or business knowledge, but “courses that
emphasize constructed identity such as gender, ethnicity, ability,
sexuality, religion, and age intending to tackle prejudice and
inequality in contemporary society.”

A few diversity courses already offered at UW include “Lesbian
Lives and Culture”, “Gay and Lesbian Studies”, “Feminism, Racism,
and Anti-Racism”, and “Women and the City.” The course “Women,
Words, Music, and Change” sounds like it was create by President
Obama himself. Where is intellectual diversity in this line up?

According to a survey launched by Young American’s Foundation
and conducted by the polling company, inc., the majority of
students believe jobs and the economy are the most important issues
of today-not diversity.  

Whether or not students take courses to increase proficiency in
mathematics, U.S. history, or Western civilization depends upon
their specific major. However, every student attending UW will be
forced to take a prerequisite for politically correct

Instead of adding course requirements, universities should be
making courses and programs more applicable to the current job
market and prepare students for the real world. College tuition
continues to increase along with the number of years it takes to
obtain a bachelors degree. Degrees that should take students four
years to complete are now commanding more time. On top of that,
many students have difficulty finding jobs to pay off their
enormous amount of debt.

By adding this useless requirement to all three UW campuses, the
university will acquire more time and money from their students.
This requirement is just another class that aims to ensure each
student receives more leftist teaching, yet it does little to
prepare students for their future career. 

Hillary Cherry is the Program Officer of Public Relations and a recent graduate of Purdue University. 

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