Ben Shapiro has the impeccable skill of bringing out the lunacy in the left. His upcoming YAF lecture at the University of California, Santa Barbara is certainly no exception.

As far back as November, leftists on campus were making plans to disrupt the event. During an ironically titled “Free Speech Dialogue,” faculty and staff discussed with students ways to “protest” the upcoming lecture. While a handful of faculty members expressed the importance of allowing Shapiro to express his first amendment right to speak, this didn’t stop them from declaring their displeasure at his coming lecture.

The Dean of Student Life, Katya Armistead, stated that she was “upset,” and that it “killed her” that she was “the one who ultimately has to make this event successful.” Other professors suggested creating a list of “sanctuary” faculty members who students could speak to if they were “distressed” over the Shapiro lecture. Who knew free speech could be so triggering.

Furthermore, other staff members suggested that opponents of the lecture occupy the audience and argue (interrupt) with Ben Shapiro during his speech, impeding his expression of free speech. Failing to see the irony in their actions, audience members decided to create “UCSB Against Hate” buttons to wear to the event, calling them emblems of “inclusivity.”

Finally, at the same time as the Shapiro lecture next week, the Cultural Resource Centers of UCSB will be hosting a “Block Party,” to celebrate “solidarity and cultural appreciation.” This event includes candlemaking, bracelet making, and a poetry slam.

Ben Shapiro will be speaking at a YAF sponsored lecture on February 21st at 7:00 pm. More information can be found here.

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