UCF Encourages Students to Tour ‘Tunnel of Oppression’

ucf_tunnelAs part of its so-called “Social Justice Week, ” the University of Central Florida (UCF) plans to host events with hilarious titles ranging from the “Tunnel of Oppression,” to “#Triggered Racial Battle Fatigue,” to “Undocumented & Uncertain” later this month.

The “Tunnel of Oppression,” set to occur on January 27, is described on the university’s website as “an interactive tour that allows students, faculty, and staff to understand various types of oppression that marginalized groups often face.”

How an “interactive tour” of a fake tunnel will accomplish that goal remains unclear.

The tunnel, for its part, is only one event in the week’s lineup of five, starting on January 23 with “#Triggered: Racial Battle Fatigue,” continuing with a “Breaking Barriers Lunch,” “#TheRealSelfie,” and “Undocumented & Uncertain.”

A promotional graphic posted to Facebook (seen above) by UCF’s Social Justice & Advocacy (SJA), a department of the school’s Student Development and Enrollment Services, includes four cartoon people with American flags covering their mouths, one of which is wearing a #BlackLivesMatter t-shirt, and bears the title, “Silence Is Not An Option.”

Is UCF implying its Social Justice Week aspires to teach students that opposing the Black Lives Matter movement is “not an option?”

Lost on this group of insulated social justice warriors is the irony of advertising an event about “privilege” on Facebook, a platform available only to those with the privilege of mobile devices and internet access, something their neighbors in socialist Cuba are not privileged enough to enjoy. Not to mention the privilege of being enrolled in an American institution of higher education.

It’s doubtful, however, that’s the type of privilege UCF’s SJA intends to address.

Unsurprisingly the SJA’s Facebook page belies its clear liberal orientation, containing numerous reposts of content from the Southern Poverty Law Center, advertising events with progressive speakers such as Tim Wise, and articles about Black Lives Matter.

This is a clear example of a taxpayer-fundeed university using its resources to advocate for liberal values in front of student audiences.

Thankfully, the Young Americans for Freedom chapter at UCF is busy working to spread conservative ideas to the student body, so many members of whom likely never encounter alternatives to liberalism in the classroom.

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