Robert Spencer, conservative speaker and director of Jihad Watch, received threats of physical violence from a student at Truman State University where he is slated to speak next week as part of Young America’s Foundation’s best-in-the-movement campus lecture program.

In a slew of tweets, “Bella Waddle,” started off with the following:

This was followed up by a suspenseful tweet:

And if “Bella Waddle’s” retweet of the following tweet is any sort of endorsement, then we have a serious threat of violence towards Robert Spencer:

Hmm…not sure it’s a good idea to share with the world that you want punch Robert Spencer’s face.

Yet again, we see attempts by campus leftists to intimidate conservative speakers. If leftists really stood for tolerance, having a different point of view on campus would fulfill their mission. As we see here, though, leftists’ knee-jerk reaction to differing opinions is physical violence.

It’s amazing that groups who warn of violence on campuses are the ones who advocate for it the most.

So while “Bella Waddle” develops a sure-to-fail protest plot, just know one thing: We will be at Truman State University with Robert Spencer next week to discuss the dangers of Radical Islam.

Deal with it.

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