This is the third year that Mustangs for Life, our pro-life club at Southern Methodist University, has set up the Memorial of Innocence. Each year, the number of crosses we place on Dallas Hall lawn has grown. This year there are almost 3,000 crosses, one to represent each baby that is killed per day in the United States. The crosses were set up Sunday night around 7:30 PM, despite massive amounts of rain throughout the evening.

By 10:30 PM, texts were sent out asking for help from people to wake up and put the crosses back up at 6:00 AM, before 8:00 AM classes, because they had been kicked down by other students. A group of us teamed together and did just that. However, by the end of the day, more crosses had been kicked down. From about 7:00 PM Monday night until as late as 2:30 AM, at least one of us was at the site of the Memorial making sure no one tried to take down the crosses. We had the SMU Police sitting watch for a good portion of the night as well. Today, we received information that the Woman’s Interest Network would be hosting a meeting with Planned Parenthood representatives at our school.

Many of the complaints we have been hearing regarding the Memorial of Innocents are that the display “shames” women. On the contrary, it seems as though the same people at our school complaining are trying to shame us simply for protecting the right to life. We want those women, who have experienced abortion or are currently faced with the difficult decision of abortion, to know that there are other options besides the one offered by the Pro-Choice side. The Pro-Life movement is not an anti-woman movement; it is about life and love, for both the child and the mother.

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