As Ben Shapiro prepares to speak at University of Redlands tonight, snowflakes at the school are getting ready to “dance,” as we reported last week.

Progressive groups held a meeting this week to put the final touches on their counter event titled, “**Liberated,” which according to their Facebook event, claims to be “the biggest porch party of the decade.

The event, put on by a “justice coalition,” which claims to have around 10 student groups involved, is set to have teach-ins from all different groups. Each group will speak on an issue important to them for approximately 10-15 minutes with the purpose of “coming away with the feeling that you can do something about the issue,” said one of the organizers.

As for the dance party, the electronic music club on campus, Buff Club, which actually receives academic credit at University of Redlands, will be performing during Shapiro’s speech and will run through 10 p.m.

Why electronic dance music?

A member with the Young Progressives Demanding Action (YPDA) explained that “electronic music creates a safe place for gay and transgender people to party and feel in a safe environment.”

Leftists at University of Redlands literally plan to drown out conservative ideas by creating their own bubble and dancing to really loud music, but they claim they are just “strengthen their own community” and “building up and encouraging one another.”

Typical snowflake behavior.

One student, however, did entirely admit to leftist hypocrisy saying, “The people who planned this and want to go to it are people who feel that [Shapiro] does not respect who they are as a human, but if we put on this event and don’t listen to the other side, it can be seen as hypocritical.”

Earlier this week, a letter to the editor was published in the school newspaper praising the counter event saying that “hosting a peaceful and original form of resistance is a powerful message that I hope resonates in universities across the nation.

Here’s a word of advice to the snowflakes at Redlands: Attend Shapiro’s lecture tonight, ask questions, and hear what conservatives stand for. Drowning out ideas you do not agree with with loud music is just one of those temporary solutions that does not fly in the real world.

As Ben Shapiro once said, “Toughen up, spoiled children.”

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