SLU Students Can’t Handle Allen West, Plan Hilarious Walkout Protest

Thursday morning, students in Saint Louis University (SLU)’s “Rainbow Alliance” sent an email detailing their plans to organize a walkout protest of Allen West’s YAF-sponsored lecture scheduled to take place on campus at 7:00 p.m. CST.

slu_walkoutThe email, which can be read in its entirety below, refers to Lt. Col. West’s message as “hate speech” and outlines the goal of the protest as “to show SLU that we are not okay with West’s presence here.”

Protesters plan to wear matching white shirts, take up “as many seats in the auditorium as possible,” and stand up row by row to leave as soon as Lt. Col. West is introduced.


The Rainbow Alliance also plans to sell “cupcakes against hate” outside the lecture with proceeds going to Syrian refugees and “educating those who are open about Islam.”

The message concludes by informing recipients that “what is being said can be extremely triggering for some, so please know that we cannot ensure that tonight will be in a safe space.”

The entire email is worth a read for the comedic value alone.

If these students think YAF and Lt. Col. West can’t handle a little walkout protest, they’re sorely mistaken.

Lt. Col. Allen West will address SLU tonight at 7:00 p.m. CST as part of YAF’s Fred Allen Lecture Series.

Full email:

From: SLU Rainbow Alliance <>Date: Thursday, September 29, 2016Subject: Solidarity for MSATo:


With the events going on tonight regarding Allen West, Rainbow Eboard wanted to inform all of our members about a protest Muslim Student Association (MSA) is putting on in response. If you are available tonight to come and show solidarity and support MSA it would be greatly appreciated. The hate speech Allen West is saying should not be tolerated at our campus, and we want to show SLU that we are not okay with West’s presence here. Below are the details of the protest that MSA is leading tonight, if you attend please be respectful of all the rules. Silence is key for this protest to succeed, so if you attend please refrain from disrupting Allen during his presentation and remain silent until you leave the CGC.
Details about the protest: 
Everyone will wear white shirts, come early at 5:30PM to the CGC and we’ll have a small meeting right before we go inside. Then as we proceed into the auditorium we will try to take up as many seats as possible. When he gets introduced, everyone stands up and walks out of the event. We will leave row by row, we will start with the first row and work the way to the back. Walk towards the back, out the side entrances, and proceed outside the CGC.

Outside, we will have open dialogue, help with the cupcakes against hate that will be taking donations in which the proceeds will go to Syrian refugees, as well as educating those who are open about Islam.
Also know that what is being said can be extremely triggering for some, so please know that we cannot ensure that tonight will be in a safe space, but we do encourage everyone that is comfortable to come out and support MSA.
Also we are attaching a statement that MSA has released in regards to the Allen West event. Please spread their statement around and bring awareness of their views.
MSA’s Statement:
Fellow Billikens,
By now, many of you have heard the comments made by Former Lieutenant Colonel Allen West regarding the Muslim Students’ Association. On September 22, 2016, he stated that the Muslim Students’ Association (MSA) at Saint Louis University is a “stealth jihad radical Islamic campus organization” and that the MSA is “an affiliate of the Muslim Brotherhood.”
The Muslim Students’ Association at Saint Louis University condemns these statements made by this individual. These allegations, which align the Muslim Students’ Association with terrorist organizations, have no basis.


Saint Louis University prides itself on its devotion to civility, diversity, and social justice. At the same time, the university should be a place for higher intellectual discourse among individuals of different beliefs. We, the Muslim Students’ Association, know and value the space and ability to have difficult conversations on a college campus. Civility is the prerequisite for engaging in difficult