Saint Louis University (SLU) is working overtime to sabotage Lt. Col. Allen West’s campus speech sponsored by YAF’s Fred Allen Lecture Series scheduled for Thursday night at 7:00 p.m. CST.

First, an administrator banned members of the campus conservative club from including the words “radical Islam” on advertisements for the event, claiming Lt. Col. West, a veteran of Operation Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom, did not have enough “experience” to speak on that topic.

Second, administrators sent out multiple campus-wide emails trashing West for allegedly “offending” the school’s Muslim Students Association. The president of the school even referred to him as “distasteful” and diminished his credentials by calling him a “provocateur.”

Now, YAF has learned that the schools is requiring Lt. Col. West’s lecture be “contextualized” by a professor before he even speaks. That means before West takes the podium Thursday night, a SLU professor will get the the opportunity to preface the lecture with a politically correct message that undermines what the audience will hear.

This is what happens when students attempt to bring one conservative speaker to a liberal campus. Threatened leftists do everything they can to erect obstacles.

SLU students deserve to hear more than the one-sided progressive rhetoric they’re taught in class.

Join us in calling the office of SLU President Fred Pestello at 314­-977-­7777, tweeting @SLU_Official, and @SLUPresident. Demand SLU give Lt. Col. West the opportunity to share his conservative message unimpeded by bureaucratic roadblocks.