Saddleback YAF Posters Vandalized, Called ‘Islamophobic Neocon Propaganda’ 

According to a screenshot obtained by Young America’s Foundation, a leftist student at Saddleback College publicly bragged about tearing down flyers posted by the school’s Young Americans for Freedom chapter, referring to the materials as “Islamophobic neocon propaganda.”

Saddleback FB

The flyers, which promoted an upcoming speech on radical Islam from Dr. Sebastian Gorka, included the title of the lecture, “Winning the Fight Against Islamic Terrorism.”

Saddleback YAF spent last week plastering their campus with the flyers. Since then, every single one has been torn down.

In a comment to Young America’s Foundation, Saddleback YAF Chairwoman Audra Leslie said, “When the Left dislikes something they’ll silence your freedom of speech, and I find that very disappointing. College campuses are meant to be a place for open discussion.”

Saddleback YAF plans on reporting these students for violating their free speech rights by removing these posters. This is just yet another example of campus leftists’ inability to hear alternative ideas.

If you want to spread the conservative message on your campus, call us today.

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