WASHINGTON, D.C.— Ronald Reagan’s old friend, his 1962 red Willys Jeep, will be on loan to the Historic Vehicle Association (HVA) for display on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., as part of the HVA’s “This Car Matters” event from April 20 to 26, 2016.

The HVA, in partnership with the National Historic Vehicle Register of the Library of Congress, has deemed President Reagan’s Jeep an important artifact of American history and will share it with the general public at the popular public space located in our Nation’s Capital.

The process registering the vehicle with the HVA includes a photographic record, 3-D scans, and 2-D line drawings of the Jeep along with an historic narrative and a brief documentary film produced by HVA—all of which will be archived with the Library of Congress.

The Jeep officially began its journey from Rancho del Cielo to Washington, D.C. via private transport on April 4.

President Reagan loved his red Jeep and the freedom it represented. He drove it over the hills and canyons of his mountaintop Rancho del Cielo while clearing brush and doing other chores.

The display on the National Mall will remind the public of Reagan’s love of freedom and his successful efforts at bringing freedom to the world throughout his Presidency.

This display will also educate the public on Young America’s Foundation’s important work preserving the Western White House and the many historic, Presidential artifacts at the Ranch.

Andrew Coffin Vice President at Young America’s Foundation and Director of the Reagan Ranch, remarked: “Young America’s Foundation is honored to have Ronald Reagan’s beloved Jeep included in the National Historic Vehicle Register. This 1962 Willys Jeep is very much connected to the history of Rancho del Cielo, Ronald Reagan’s Western White House, and representative of the man himself.”

He continued, “Once referred to as ‘scroungy’ by Barbara Walters during an interview with then President Reagan, this faithful, resilient vehicle provided years of service — and joy — to the President. The Ranch was the one place Ronald Reagan could get behind the wheel while in office, and he loved loading the Jeep with brush clearing tools and heading out on the trails. Transporting the Jeep to Washington, DC, for the very special Cars at the Capitol exhibit provides a rare opportunity for Easterners to catch a glimpse of this historic vehicle, as well as gain insight into Ronald Reagan’s life and character. We are grateful to the HVA for their work in identifying, recording, and showcasing these important vehicles in our country’s history.”

A “kick off” event will take place on the National Mall on the morning of April 14 to introduce the Jeep to the public in preparation for the display that begins on April 20.

The Jeep will return to its Ranch home in early May.

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