By Hillary Cherry, Young America’s Foundation Sarah T.
Hermann Intern Scholar

College campuses are swarming with liberal professors trying to
inflict their leftism on anyone that will listen. Most people think
that conservatives will always be outnumbered on college campuses,
but I have a plan to change that. I am going to start a Young
Americans for Freedom chapter at Purdue University.

Governor Mitch Daniels is not only an outstanding leader, but as
the new president of Purdue, I am confident that he will not only
make changes to better our university-he will change the lives of
each student.

As Governor, Mitch made Hoosiers proud to be from Indiana and
now, as a conservative student, I am even more proud to be a Boiler
Maker. Governor Daniels has a strange way of knowing what is best
for people, sometimes before they do. Governor Daniels is one of
the reasons I have been inspired to start a Young Americans for
Freedom chapter at Purdue University.

The university administration is changing and it’s important to
provide students with a conservative outlet on campus. As
conservatives, we cannot just stand by and let our values be
disrespected. We need to stand up for our conservative principles.
Most professors that promote liberal ideas fail to present the
principles of the free market accurately. Not to mention, most
young people are liberal because no one has ever accurately
described conservatism to them.

In my case, the few conservative clubs on campus focused more on
promoting individuals rather than timeless principles of the
Conservative Movement. I realized that Purdue University was
lacking a true conservative voice. By founding a Young Americans
for Freedom chapter, I plan to advocate the ideas of limited
government, individual freedom, free enterprise, traditional values
and a strong national defense.

After talking with Kate Edwards, YAF Chapter Services
Program Officer, I have a clear vision of exactly
what I need to do on my campus. Ready or not, Purdue University
is about to become a conservative battleground!

 I plan to start recruiting for our club right away by
attending Boiler Gold Rush (freshmen welcome week) and advertising
all over campus. Activism projects and resources will make our
club stand out.The 9/11: Never Forget Project will be
one of our first big events. I want to honor the victims of this
horrific tragedy by getting as many students involved as

Young Americans for Freedom is more than just a club on
campus; it is a way to make a difference.
Events such as 9/11: Never
Forget Project
, Freedom Week, and No More Che Day inspire students
to become more involved and make an impact. This fall semester, I
am going to bring conservative leaders to Purdue to motivate and
inform my campus. My YAF chapter will provide a visible presence on
campus and hopefully encourage my peers to speak out against
liberal ideals. 

Liberals have taken over college campuses, but it is time to
fight back. A McClatchy-Marist poll revealed 69 percent of
young people (ages 18-29) favor tax cuts for all Americans. Now
is the time for conservatives to come out and stand up for freedom.
Starting a Young American’s for Freedom chapter will show these
students that they are not alone. 

I have one year left at Purdue University and I want to make
a difference on my campus. I know I can have an impact through
conservative activism on my campus with a new president and a
strong conservative club. As a senior, founding a YAF chapter is
the perfect way to leave a legacy at Purdue
and give underclassmen
the tools to promote freedom for years to come. 


Hillary Cherry is a Young America’s Foundation Sarah
T. Hermann Intern Scholar.




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