In an article published under Oprah Winfrey’s “OWN” section of The Huffington Post, a psychologist is encouraging parents to adopt an “androgynous consciousness” parenting method for young children.

The psychologist, Dr. Shefali Tsabary, described her personal “contribution” to this “next wave” of parenting as “to make sure that my daughter is deeply in touch with her masculine elements.”

In an interview, Tsabary declared, “It’s up to us as a society and especially as parents to change the dynamic between men and women… We cannot wait for the next feminist movement.”

Tsabary coaches parents of sons to “[help] young boys be planted in the feminine principle.”

The Huffington Post summarized Tsabary’s mission as “[helping] children break free from the cultural confines of traditional gender roles. She calls this a shift to ‘androgynous consciousness’ and says that practicing it within the home can have a powerful impact on our collective future.”

Tsabary’s right about that– confusing young children on issues as basic as human biology can indeed have a “powerful impact” on their future. We recently reported that public schools in Washington are requiring teachers to start instructing kindergartners on “the many ways to express gender.” If conservatives do not push back on leftists’ bizarre pseudoscientific teachings, these trends will become increasingly less isolated and more mainstream.

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