December 4, 2014

A Victory for Freedom and
Free Speech


The Virginia Tech Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) Chapter
recently had it’s funding revoked for two semesters by the Student
Budget Board after hosting an event with conservative activist,
businesswoman, and 37th United States Treasurer, Bay

The event angered a vocal minority of students on campus and as
a result Lauren McCue, chair of her YAF chapter was told her club
had been denied future funding.  She had not even been given a
chance to make a case for her club before the unanimous vote was
made to deny future funding.

Throughout the whole ordeal Lauren stood up and exposed this
intolerance at Virginia Tech.  With the help of Young
America’s Foundation she told her story on Fox & Friends and
even did a series of radio interviews.  Well, on November
21st Lauren appealed the decision and the
university announced on November 25th that it was
reversing the Student Budget Board decision.  The YAF Chapter
will now be able to request funding and was granted funding for a
future event with Herman Cain.

Larry Hincker, a university spokesman, said, “To the degree that
the budget board decision may have been influenced by content,
university advisors to student groups will continue to counsel
student leadership to be aware that funding decisions cannot be
driven by personal opinions about program content.”

Young America’s Foundation is thrilled that the university has
corrected this wrongdoing by the Student Budget Board.  We
applaud their decision to make sure that the Student Budget Board
is educated on appropriate funding protocols in the future and that
all views are represented.   

Congratulations to Lauren and the other members of the Virginia
Tech Young Americans for Freedom!


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