pearlharborgraphic15Following President Obama’s stunningly inadequate remarks on the threat of terrorism on Sunday night, our country could use the wisdom of President Reagan. Today marks the 64th anniversary of the attacks on Pearl Harbor. What President Reagan said to commemorate this important anniversary will give you chills– his thoughts have never been more relevant.

“On December 7, America remembers much and resolves much. We remember Pearl Harbor’s dead and wounded and its courageous survivors who fought that day and many other days as well. We remember too one of history’s clearest lessons, that weakness and unpreparedness do not build peace but invite aggression. We remember that our freedom, purchased at so dear a price, can be taken from us. And we resolve that that shall never be. We resolve that our strength, our vigilance, and our devotion will forever keep America the land of the free and the home of the brave. We resolve that we will keep faith with those we have loved and lost. And we resolve that, always, we will remember Pearl Harbor.”

President Ronald Reagan, 1987 Pearl Harbor Day Proclamation

Contrast that with President Obama’s words on Sunday evening, where gun restrictions and political correctness were proposed as solutions to the very real and immediate threat of terrorism, only days after innocent Americans were slaughtered by radical Islamists on our own soil.



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