As part of Young America’s Foundation’s 9/11: Never Forget Project, students across the country displayed hundreds of these posters on their campuses last week.


Along with the words, “Never Forget,” the poster contains eight images of radical Islamic terrorist attacks on Americans, from diplomats being held hostage in 1979 all the way up through the tragedy in Orlando this past June.

There is nothing controversial about it.

We know for a fact that radical Islamic terrorists carried out every single one of the disgusting attacks depicted on the poster. There is no debate to be held.

Why, then, would a professor at Saddleback College tear them off a building and crumple them up in front of students? Why would students at the University of Florida plaster “Love Trumps Hate” signs over the words “Never Forget”? Why would an administrator at Sewanee say they “invoke hate towards Muslims”?

The culture of political correctness on college campuses is deluding a new generation into denying the incontrovertible fact that radical Islamic terrorists are responsible for committing every single one of these unthinkable tragedies against Americans.

Furthermore, more Muslims have been killed by radical Islamist terrorism than Americans- how could these posters possibly be offensive to them?

That any person’s censorship impulse is triggered by these images is stunning.

It’s a sobering indication of how rapidly the pervasive culture of political correctness is devouring sanity on college campuses.

It’s fortunate there are so many bold YAF activists across the country willing to honor the victims of these attacks by telling the truth about radical Islam.

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