EDMOND, OKLAHOMA—Fresh from the White House press briefings and a joint press conference with President Donald J. Trump and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, Katie Pavlich, news editor at Townhall.com, recently spoke to a standing-room-only crowd at Oklahoma Christian University.

Organized by the conservative club on campus, with sponsorship, guidance, and on-the-ground support from Young America’s Foundation thanks to the generosity of Mo and Richard Anderson, Pavlich tackled the issue of government corruption in a keynote address before taking questions from a lively audience filled with students.

Pavlich’s remarks focused on the scandals of the Obama presidency, including the $535 million loan given to Solyndra, which left taxpayers on the hook, the overwhelming corruption in caring for our veterans at the VA, and the allegations of the State Department’s pay-to-play policies involving Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation.

During the question and answer, Pavlich discussed the role of the press in the Trump administration remarking, “It’s not the job of journalists to be nice, but it is their job to be accurate.”

Asked about the college campus phenomenon in which feelings take precedence over facts, Pavlich pressed on the importance of free speech on campus and not simply shutting it down because what is said may be “offensive.” She said, “In order to have more freedom and more speech, can’t just shut down ideas.”

She also addressed the leftist myth of the gender pay gap saying, “This idea that women are paid purposely less than men is a) illegal, b) false, and if it was true, then companies would only hire women because they’d be less expensive to pay.”

Pavlich’s lecture was made possible through Young America’s Foundation’s campus lecture program. To schedule a lecture on your campus, contact Patrick Coyle and 1-800-USA-1776.

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