Yet another college has felt the unintended
consequences of Obamacare.  And the
results have angered both liberals and conservatives at Columbia University. 
 Columbia University's Mudd Building

Obamacare forced changes in coverage and benefits
that the liberal media failed to describe. 
Many working Americans, for example, saw the limits on flexible spending
accounts for medicines cut in half. 
National Journalism Center alum Celina Durgan describes in an Empire State Tribune story how Columbia University
had to revamp their coverage and cut out a very quiet program that used student
fees to pay for abortions.   

College Right to Life Students complained that they
had no idea that the program even existed: 

had no idea that our Health Services Fee was covering abortions,” Julia Salazar
(’13), CRL president said. After
Bwog broke the news, Salazar searched for
information about the fee but only found details about the Student Health Plan,
a separate insurance plan the university offers.  Researching the mandatory Health Services
Fee, she said she could find nothing that mentioned abortion. 

Incredibly, few people understood how the program
worked and no one knew who was in charge of it. 

A Columbia University liberal group, according to Durgan,
admitted that the average student would have difficulty breaking through the “layers
of bureaucracy” necessary to find the information indicating that it even

Durgan goes on to explain that CRL and the liberal group agree with Columbia’s new policy. It uses separate resources to cover
abortion costs, sparing anti-abortion students from paying for the procedure. 

All is not well, however.  The liberal campus paper “manipulated the
words” of right to life activists to undermine their position.  Also, other changes made to the health
program have not been promising.  The
spread of a rare rash in a Columbia dorm brought a tardy and ineffective
response from campus Health Services. 

Durgan’s article reminds us that the passage of
every law has consequences, both predictable and unpredictable.  When the legislation is as vast, far
reaching, and incompetently assembled as Obamacare, results will harm the very
people it was supposed to help. 

Beyond all of that, one strange question remains
unanswered.  Why did Columbia University
work so diligently for so long to hide a program paid for by student fees and
open to all women? 


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