YAFers at the NCSCBy Kate Edwards 

May 2011 was an exciting time for Young America’s Foundation when we united with Young Americans for Freedom to energize
conservative students to start their own
chapters and become more active in the Conservative Movement.  Students from all over the country have since started their own YAF
chapters, organized activism projects, hosted conservative speakers
and debates, wrote for YAF’s blog and their school newspapers, and
attended YAF national and regional conferences.

Young America’s Foundation is proud to announce today
that we now have more than 100 Young Americans for Freedom chapters

Young Americans for Freedom Chairman Michael Jones, said,
“During a time when students experience ever-increasing levels of
liberal indoctrination, it is an encouragement to witness so many
young conservatives taking a principled stand by joining Young
Americans for Freedom. As we celebrate Young Americans for
Freedom’s achievement of 100 chapters, all conservatives can be
reassured that the torch of freedom continues to radiantly blaze
with the determination of a new generation of Americans who uphold
the time-honored virtues of freedom.”

Jolie Stuart-Davis, who is an active member of the Penn State
YAF chapter, stated, “I am proud to be part of YAF because we are
showing young people how important limited government, traditional
values, and free enterprise are to America. I know we are making a
difference on campus and YAF gives us the opportunity to do our
part in standing up for our beliefs. I am happy to see YAF growing
and showing us we are not alone in this fight.”

YAF’s message has been simple: we are fighting not to win the
next election, but to win the next generation. Conservative
students understand just how important this mission is. Dr. Lee
Edwards, one of the founders of YAF, stated at the time of the
unification, “The Conservative Movement is always strongest when it
is unified and focused on the enemies of freedom….The Left
is hereby put on notice
.” Here are a few examples of YAF activism:


Cherry Purdue YAF YAFers at the Reagan Ranch  University of San Diego NFP


In June 2011, Isabella Foxen, chair of the
La Reina High School YAF chapter, fought to get her chapter
recognized by her school’s administration. The school claimed that
Young America’s Foundation was too “militant.”  However, Isabella wasn’t content to sit by and let her free speech rights be squelched. She has since exposed her school’s intolerance and her chapter now meets regularly. 

In March 2012, the Grosse Point North High
School YAF chapter was blocked from posting “Respect All Women”
posters. They fought back and exposed the school’s biased policies.  

In May 2012, the Franciscan University YAF
chapter released a statement highlighting the fact that the
University had to drop healthcare coverage for students, as a
matter of fiscal prudency and religious principle, because of

In September 2012, YAF chapters remembered the
victims of 9/11 by displaying American flags for YAF’s 9/11:
Never Forget Project

In November 2012, Marquette University YAF hosted Liz Cheney and Howard Dean as part of the Great
Debate Series sponsored by the Arthur N. Rupe Foundation in front of a packed hall.  

These are just a handful of examples of YAF activism in the
past year.

Nick James, chair of the Clemson University Young Americans for
Freedom, stated “I think the ability to start YAF chapters on
campuses is exciting because it allows students to be on the front
lines of the fight against liberalism.”

YAF continues to fight on the front lines, helping conservative
students succeed in hostile, liberal environments. Our work is far
from over. We need to continue the fight and the importance of our
mission is clearer now more than ever. Our country is at
risk, and Young Americans for Freedom stand ready to save

Thank you to the students who have stepped forwarded to advance conservatism by starting or joining a YAF chapter. You too, can join us! Start a YAF Chapter at your school.

Kate Edwards is a Program Officer for YAF Chapter Services. 

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