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You can bring a highly toxic, offensive, and controversial play to Marquette University in the name of “free speech,” but you cannot question, raise objection to, or express your opinion about the play using your right to free speech.

That’s because Marquette University provost John Pauly, interim arts and science dean Phil Rossi, and political science department chair Barry McCormick are ‘okay’ with having a sexually-charged play on stage at Marquette University, but they aren’t okay with professor John McAdams expressing his concerns about the play The Vagina Monologues, which he raised in his independent blog, The Marquette Warrior. These leftist administrators summoned professor John McAdams into their office and reprimanded him for his dissension. They even tried to force him to stop blogging. 

Leftist professors can lecture Marquette students in the classroom on their viewpoints about political correctness, multi-culturalism, gender identity, homosexuality, climate change, etc. But a conservative professor cannot express his ideas. Does anyone see the irony here?  Leftist hypocrites!

ALERT: Michelle Malkin will be speaking at Marquette University on Monday, April 11 in the Alumni Union Ballroom at 7 p.m. Marquette students: Come hear the ideas they aren’t teaching in school. 

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