Lifezette Highlights YAF Free Speech Box as ‘Favorite Tool’ to Fight the Left

In an article titled, “New ‘Toolbox’ Helps Campus Conservatives Fight Back,” Lifezette writer Elizabeth Catterson highlighted Young America’s Foundation’s (YAF) Free Speech Box and applauded its resources for young conservatives.

free_speech_boxCatterson, herself a campus activist, reached out to several national groups for resources to “learn how to win” and concluded, “By far, my favorite tool I’ve used to fight the Left on campus is Young Americans for Freedom’s newest venture, the Campus Free Speech Box.”

YAF, Catterson wrote, “Has much more of an interest in helping students like myself succeed through empowerment and encouragement — not a handout, and not simply telling us what to do.”

She went on to say, “Not only did these tools give me the access to information I wouldn’t hear in the classroom, it also gave me the confidence to defend my ideas. I am thankful for my Free Speech Box and know that the many sent around the country will help students like me succeed in exercising our First Amendment rights.”

YAF is the principal outreach organization of the Conservative Movement for a reason. We specialize in providing conservative campus activists with the resources they need to promote their ideas on campus. We’re here to be a tool for YOU.

When protests erupted at Mizzou last year, we overnighted their campus conservatives a Free Speech Box. They took a stand for their beliefs and made a big impact.

Order your free speech box here and stand up for the First Amendment at your school today.