As reported by The College Fix, “tolerant” leftists at the University of Michigan ripped down flyers that had been hung by the school’s Young Americans for Freedom chapter this week. Flyer vandalism is a regular activity for campus liberals who appear to be so threatened by ideological diversity they feel the need to silence conservative speech.

The College Fix reported, “Flyers touting a ‘Why we are [politically] conservative: A conversation with leaders from the Jewish community’ event at the University of Michigan were ripped off a public wall on campus used to advertise events this week.

The vandalism occurred prior to the March 16 panel discussion, prompting chastisement from a student on Yik Yak, who posted a picture of the torn flyers and called it a blow to ‘political discourse.'”

The event was co-sponsored by Michigan YAF, whose has a history of dealing with poster theft. The chapter just hosted a packed, national headline-making debate between Dinesh D’Souza and Bill Ayers, despite their peers’ desire to silence them.

In an exclusive statement to The New Guard, Michigan YAF Chairman Grant Strobl explained, “I was walking around campus and every one of our event posters were torn down! Conservatives were obviously being targeted because only our posters were gone.”

Strobl continued, “This shows who the real tyrants on campus are: those who want conservative ideas to be silenced. We are actively working on campus to change the culture of censorship, to a culture of dialogue and intellectual diversity.”

Lesson to campus liberals: Stealing some flyers won’t silence YAFers.

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