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In her latest attempt to rid the world of scary guns, Girls actress Lena Dunham took to Instagram Tuesday to encourage all of her fans to deface subway ads featuring a pistol for the new Jason Bourne movie.

Although Dunham has recently deleted her post, she originally shared an image from Tami Sagher, a producer for the show “Girls,” which told New Yorkers she was “so tired of guns.” Sagher encouraged New Yorkers to peel off the pistol from the Bourne ads seen all over New York City. The Girls actress chimed in, “Good idea…Let’s go!”

Dunham’s attempt to rid the world of even the image of guns puts her in the company of Matt Damon, the actor who portrays Jason Bourne. While promoting the film last week, Damon voiced his support of gun control by praising Australia’s National Agreement on Firearms which greatly restricts gun rights.

Ironically, Damon’s support of banning guns didn’t stop him from making a film that features them.

While Lena Dunham might think that encouraging her fans to destroy these triggering ads is a public service, it’s actually just the opposite. In the state of New York, vandalism– legally defined as “criminal mischief”– is a Class B felony, punishable by 5-25 years in state prison and significant fines. 

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