Paul-KengorMany of you have had the privilege of hearing Dr. Paul Kengor speak at a YAF conference.

Yesterday, Dr. Kengor penned a powerful piece exploring the state of higher education that we urge you all to read. His insights are valuable and deserve much consideration from those of us who focus on righting the many wrongs in academia.

Here’s an excerpt:

In the ashes of the Judeo-Christian values and timeless absolutes they have set ablaze, our modern progressives in the academy have instead fashioned a molten calf of politically and culturally correct nostrums. They peddle false faiths full of contradiction and selective application, such as their “tolerance” and “diversity” heresies—carefully applied only to things they want to tolerate. It is tolerance and diversity for me but not for thee. They denounce the “bigots” who oppose transgender bathrooms while they resist the Christian teachings that have beautifully transformed and redeemed the lives of billions. And thus, when these late-adolescent products of contemporary academia look at a Dominican brother with confused fear, we shouldn’t be surprised. This is a direct extension of their “higher” education. This is what they and their parents have paid for at great financial and moral cost.

The full article can be found here, via Grove City College’s Center for Vision & Values.

If you would like to bring Dr. Kengor to your campus, please email Patrick Coyle at

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