By Jolie Stuart-Davis, Young America’s

Not long after the Supreme Court ruled to uphold Obamacare, the
Left took to the web to trash Justice Clarence Thomas.

Justice Thomas signed on to the dissenting opinion along with
three other justices.

Justice Thomas is the only Black member on the bench, and his
disagreement with the majority of the court made him the target of
numerous racial slurs on the internet. Apparently, some on the Left
believe that the color of your skin should dictate your
interpretation of the Constitution.

Leftists on Twitter even said Thomas dissented because he
ishaving “identity problems” and that he is really only
“painted black” or has a “really good spray


Even though he stood up for what he believed was right, Justice
Thomas is being berated as a race-hater. He was accused of only
voting to strike down the law because he “don’t want black people
to prosper”.

Unbeknownst to many on the Left, Obamacare does not benefit the
black community. In fact, it will cause more hardship on all
Americans, regardless of skin color.

Justice Thomas is a respected Supreme Court Justice who does not
deserve to be called
“Uncle Tom” or a “slave
 Worse yet, Justice
Thomas was also compared to
“the Imperial Wizard of the KKK”.


These racist comments are reprehensible. Even more horrendous is
that these comments were mostly from other black men and women. I
would never make a racial slur toward anyone, but for someone to
call a fellow black man a slave is disgusting.

This is not the first time Justice Thomas is the target of
racist remarks. It occurred following the Supreme Court ruling in
favor of Citizens United in the now infamous Citizens United v.
Federal Election Commission
as well.

In a
leftist rally
, supporters were filmed making racial slurs. When
asked what should be done after Justice Thomas was impeached, one
man stated “put him back in the fields”.

The leftist protesters even went as far as calling for Justice
Thomas to be lynched. One woman said we should “
string him up” and another man said we should “hang

The blatant hypocrisy of these “peace-seeking” liberals is
astounding. One woman said that she was “all about peace” but
suggested “torture” as the punishment for the Court’s decision.

If a conservative ever made a similar comment directed at
President Obama, both liberals and conservatives would be outraged.
Where are the calls for “civility”? Where are Jesse Jackson and Al

I admire Justice Thomas for standing up for his beliefs. He
proved to me, once again, why he is one of my role models.

Jolie Stuart-Davis is a Sarah T. Hermann Intern
Scholar at Young America’s Foundation. 


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