If College Students Did What The Real Housewives Did This Week They Would Be Suspended

College students are regularly castigated on campuses for holding Mexican-themed parties where they sport sombreros, eat tacos, drink margaritas, and listen to mariachi music. But when the liberal Real Housewives of New York did just that on Wednesday’s season finale, nobody seemed to have any problem with it at all.

There is a well-documented nationwide effort on the part of campus social justice warriors to spread awareness that wearing sombreros and drinking tequila constitutes “cultural appropriation” and is patently racist. This is silly. Most people understand that.

But last year, student senators who attended a tequila-themed party at Bowdoin faced impeachment and probation simply for being present at the event. The Washington Post reported that the party’s attendees, “ultimately were reprimanded or placed on ‘social probation,’ and the hosts [were] kicked out of their dorm.”

Bowdoin students were specifically offended that the party “ethnically stereotyped” Hispanic culture by featuring tequila and sombreros.


On Cinco de Mayo, the Editorial Board of UC Davis’ California Aggie slammed these types of celebrations, writing, “There are a myriad of other ways to celebrate Mexican culture other than drowning yourself in tequila and donning racist clothing… A sombrero is not a fashion accessory and neither is a culture.”

Who would EVER celebrate Mexican culture by wearing sombreros?

The rich liberal women of the Real Housewives of New York.


On Wednesday’s season finale, high-profile Housewife Bethenny Frankel threw a “fiesta party” complete with all the “racist” trappings of a fun event, including sombreros, tequila, a mariachi band, and maracas. She even hung a piñata filled with $10,000 worth of jewelry.



Coincidentally, $10,000 is just about half the amount of money Bethenny donated to the DNC in 2012. Not to mention the $5,000 she donated to Obama for America that year as well. She’s donated to other liberal politicians more recently too. In fact, New York Housewives from Dorinda Medley to Luann de Lesseps to Carole Radziwill have all generously supported liberals in the past decade.

When college students “appropriate” Mexican culture, they face impeachment, get kicked out of their dorms, and are shamed for committing “acts of bias.” When the rich liberal Real Housewives of New York do it, popular mainstream entertainment media outlets are amused and find it fashionable.

Most people understand there’s nothing racist about wearing sombreros at a fiesta. Liberals in academia have become so radical that they’re now completely out of touch with their own ideological brethren outside the campus bubble, most of whom probably just want to throw fiestas where they can drink tequila in peace.


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