NCSC2014Young America’s Foundation’s 2014 National Conservative Student
Conference is well under way, with hundreds of college activists
from all around the country gathering for five days at George
Washington University to channel their passion for conservative
principles so that they can return to their own campuses with the
confidence and tools required to challenge liberal academia.

John DiGiacobbe, a Young Americans for Freedom activist
attending Miami University of Ohio, stated about the conference, “I
am inspired by all the energy in the Conservative Movement and have
really enjoyed networking with all the student leaders that are

Another attendee from Brandeis University, Daniel Mael, shared
his thoughts: “After a few days at this conference, I can say that it is a tremendous opportunity for
young patriots to learn what it truly means to be an American.”

Of the conference’s all-star lineup, speakers who have already
delivered engaging lectures include Congressman Jim Bridenstine,
Dr. Burt Folsom, Speaker Newt Gingrich, Senator Ted Cruz, renowned
economist and Reagan advisor Art Laffer, and others.

As Senator Ted Cruz strode out to the stage, students stood up
spontaneously, chanting “USA, USA, USA!” The Senator delivered a
speech as energizing as expected, criticizing a range of current
big government policies, including the Affordable Care Act, the
lack of enforcement of the country’s immigration laws, and the
government’s failure to protect national security interests. On
foreign affairs, he chose to channel his belief in a Reaganite
foreign policy, demanding in response to a student’s question about
the Senator’s opinion on Vladimir Putin’s seizing Crimea, “Mr.
Putin, give back Crimea!”

Today’s agenda includes another list of exciting speakers,
including Dr. Walter Williams, Herman Cain, and Katie Pavlich,
among others. The Reagan Banquet tonight will feature Senator Tim
Scott, with over 300 attendees expected to attend.

Raj Kannappan is the Program Officer for Young Americans for Freedom.


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