Today, Young America’s Foundation Spokesman Ron
 will appear on the Sean Hannity Radio
at 4:00 p.m. ET to debate Think Progress’ Scott
 about the impact on ObamaCare on Young

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As the Supreme Court ruling approaches, few in
Washington realize that young people have the most at
. If ObamaCare is upheld, the cost of our
healthcare will rise 35 to 45 percent
 due to
mandatory price controls, and we will no longer be able to buy
catastrophic plans which fit our individual needs. Those trying to
employ young people will face these additional costs-making
younger labor much less appealing

Students have already begun to be hit with these policies.
Numerous colleges have dropped their student
 due to high costs, and those colleges that keep
their plans are being forced to raise their rates upwards
of 1,000%

Even if the mandate is severed and overturned, young people will
still be worse off. Insurance plans for younger people will sky
rocket, and since no one is forced to buy them, nobody
. Very few young people, parents, or employers will
voluntarily pay these new government-regulated prices.

If ObamaCare is overturned, young Americans will have a freer
future with more employment opportunities, cheaper tuition, and
better health choices.

For more detail, check out Meyer’s recent op-ed for Fox News,
“Just Say No to Eternal Childhood: Obama Care Keeps Young
People From Growing Up”

Ron Meyer-age 22-is the spokesman for Young
America’s Foundation and the originator of the Youth Misery Index.
He’s appeared on Fox News, CNN, GBTV, and the Sean Hannity Radio
Show, and his writings appear frequently in the New York Post,
Washington Times, FoxNews.com, and CNS News. 
To schedule an interview, please email rmeyer@yaf.org or call


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