Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Clare Booth Luce Policy Institute

EXCLUSIVE Interview with Stacey Dash: President Obama ‘Uses’ Women as His ‘Tricks’


The author interviewing Stacey Dash after CBLPI’s event on Capitol Hill earlier this month.

After her rousing lecture at the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute’s packed “Afternoon with an Author” series, Stacey Dash sat down with The New Guard for an exclusive interview where she opened up and let loose on the Left.

We asked Dash to name which national leaders exploit women the most. Her first response? President Obama.

“[Women] are his trick. That is all he is doing. He is just using you. He’s not taking care of you, he is keeping you down and keeping you dependent upon him,” Dash told The New Guard.

Dash explained she believes President Obama has “no regard or respect for anyone,” calling him, “solipsistic and a narcissist.”

Dash also unloaded on government programs, arguing they promote a false sense of entitlement and encourage dependency:

“If you’re not married, I’ll give you more money. If you have another kid out of wedlock, I’ll give you more money. As long as you don’t feel a sense of self-achievement you’ll never be worth anything to yourself. And if you do not have a sense of self-worth for yourself, you can become depressed, addicted, and abused because you never accomplished anything. You got everything for free.”

Dash may have starred in the movie Clueless, but our interview demonstrated she’s far from cluelessness when it comes to the important issues facing our country.

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