It’s not news that college campuses have become increasingly hostile to conservative voices, but now leftists at notoriously liberal Evergreen State College have begun cannibalizing their own.

Each year, Evergreen students of color participate in a “Day of Absence” where they voluntarily leave campus to demonstrate the impact that they have in the school community.

For the ‘Day of Absence” this year, radical campus leftists decided it would be better if white members of their community left campus instead.

Professor Bret Weinstein, a self-described “progressive,” objected to the change on the grounds that coercing white community members to leave campus was, itself, “an act of oppression.” Liberal chaos ensued.

In response, Washington State Representative Matt Manweller introduced a bill in the State House to privatize the left-wing institution; essentially revoking the school’s 24-million-dollar allocation of taxpayer money.

Manweller, a frequent speaker at Young America’s Foundation student conferences and strong ally of the Foundation, commented:

“We should not be spending taxpayer dollars on a public institution that condones and encourages this type of behavior. The state has plenty of other higher education institutions we can focus our resources on where students are interested in learning and the faculty is committed to actual academics.”

For a state to continue to subsidize a school that condones discrimination on the basis of race would run afoul of our nation’s principles and common sense.

The intense media coverage of the events at Evergreen confirmed what we’ve known for years: The Left will not tolerate any thoughts that do not conform to their own failed and debunked ideology.

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