In an excellent National Review article titled, “The Rise of the Anti-Millennial Conservative Millennial,” David French wrote of his amazement at the students he meets at Young America’s Foundation events.

French, who is a frequent speaker at YAF conferences and campus lectures, shared how his experiences with groups like the Federalist Society and YAF have lead him to “sense a change a in the wind.”

“Where many of their peers openly and intentionally rejected studying the intellectual and moral foundations of Western civilization, these kids knew more about the Federalist Papers than I did,” French wrote.

He continued:

Indeed, rather than feeling an urge to kick them off my lawn, I found myself amazed by the young people I was meeting at Young America’s Foundation events, at Federalist Society speeches, and at schools such as Colorado Christian University (where I just spoke on Monday). Compared to my 20-year-old or 25-year-old self, they were far more informed, more thoughtful, and more committed to the ideals and principles of the American experiment. I couldn’t tell whether I was sensing a trend or confusing a series of favorable anecdotes with real data. After all, I was hardly speaking to representative audiences with statistically sufficient samples. It turns out, however, that something is in the air. Something is changing. Meet the anti-Millennial conservative Millennial.

Watch French’s speech at this year’s National Conservative Student Conference below.

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