Campus leftists aren’t too happy about Ben Shapiro’s upcoming
lecture at California State University Los Angeles. The event, part
of the Young America’s Foundation Fred R. Allen Lecture Series,
takes place on February 25th at 2 pm in the Student Union on
CSULA’s campus.

Shapiro’s presentation, entitled “When Diversity Becomes a
Problem,” will discuss “trigger warnings, diversity, and
microaggressions.” Such as was the case at the University ofMissouri in November, conservative firebrand Ben Shapiro will be
tackling leftists narratives and discussing how many campus
liberals need to “toughen up.”

At CSULA, leftists are up in arms. They’ve taken over the
event’s Facebook page, calling CSUYAF and Ben Shapiro “intolerant,”
“racists,” and “white supremacists.” One student even claimed that
this event will “damage her mental health.” Another claimed that
the lecture is a “threat to campus safety.” Check out some of the
screenshots below.

Despite the backlash, CSULA YAF is standing strong and fervently
preparing for the February 25th lecture.

Said CSULA YAF chairman Mark Kahanding, “The left believes by
censoring Ben Shapiro, that they are doing the right thing. In
reality, they’re destroying freedom of speech for the sake of
political correctness. We look forward to hosting Ben on campus and
encourage people of all opinions to attend and participate in an
open discussion.”

In the words of Ben Shapiro, “toughen up spoiled children” and
get ready for another exciting campus lecture.

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