Leave it to liberals to make board games less fun.

In order to “explore identity in a more inclusive way,” California State University- Los Angeles hosted a “Gender Inclusive Guess Who?” game for students on Tuesday night. The CSULA Gender & Sexuality Resource Center, which hosted the event, described it as such:

In almost every game of Guess Who?, the initial question to eliminate possibilities is “Are you a boy or a girl?” However, many people are choosing to identify as both, more, or neither! Come join the Gender & Sexuality Resource Center in playing a game of Guess Who? that eliminates this binary question and allows for exploring identity in a more inclusive way. 

Sounds like a blast, right?

Not even board games are safe from political correctness on college campuses. New freshman hoping to connect with other students during the first week of school at CSULA were instead greeted with this invitation to “[eliminate] the binary question” of “Are you a boy or a girl?” in a popular board game they grew up enjoying.

‘Guess Who’ is a game that is made up of identifiable differences: hair color, age, clothing, gender, etc. What is a sincere leftist to do when faced with the hypothetical choice between a short haired blonde female and a short haired blonde male? How do you choose? 

To be honest, that’s a struggle that would be entertaining to watch.

And with the “gender binary” eliminated, how do you even begin to narrow down the field to select a person of the correct gender identity?

“Are you a xe?”

“Are you a ve?”

“Are you zie?”

It could go on forever.

This is an example of the politically correct nonsense universities are using to greet students back to campus for the fall semester. It’s critical for campus conservatives to push back.

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