JRJR Ridley is a rising sophomore at Vanderbilt University, which
is where Young America’s Foundation was originally founded. He is
pursuing a double major in computer science and political

JR grew up in Flagstaff, Arizona, and is the oldest of three
brothers. JR is active with his campus conservative group and has
been conservative for as long as he can remember. His beliefs were
reaffirmed through the Young America’s Foundation’s High School
Conference at the Reagan Ranch in 2009. Conservative leaders,
including Michael Medved and Ben Stein, helped JR reinforce and
solidify his conservative values.

In addition to his activism, JR plays competitive rugby and
soccer on campus. He has made a habit of hiking and skiing
frequently during his school breaks. He returned from a month of
studying Spanish in Spain before joining YAF this summer. JR plans
to study abroad in Australia or New Zealand in the coming

JR is excited to be working with the staff at the Reagan Ranch
Center this summer and is proud to be interning with an
organization that so ardently works to promote freedom in America
today. As a Sarah T. Hermann Intern Scholar at the Reagan Ranch
Center, JR is eager to see what opportunities will come from his
time with Young America’s Foundation. 

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