berlin2342Six hundred people died on the
Berlin wall, trying to escape the terrible life of
communism. On Tuesday November 5 the Grosse Pointe North and
South High School chapters of Young Americans for Freedom, spent
the afternoon constructing replica pieces of the fallen Berlin Wall
to commemorate the liberation of East Germany.

Grosse Pointe North YAF chairman Grant Strobl believes that
the commemoration serves as a reminder that this is not old
history, “President Ronald Reagan’s famous Brandenburg gate speech
was only twenty-five years ago; the oppression of socialism is not
foreign to the modern world.”
Simply built of two-by-fours and drywall, the mock Berlin wall
serves as a commemoration of the end of communism in
“Socialist policies divide and kill; they build walls and they
build dependency,” Strobl continues. 
In fact, one of the Young Americans for Freedom posters shows
that “100,000,000 people [were] murdered by progressive social
movemens in the name of helping people” and that “425,574,817
people [were] freed from communist tyranny by Ronald Reagan &
worldwide freedom movements.” 
The wall serves as a reminder of how fortunate we are to live
in a free country; and also a reminder that this freedom needs to
be protected. 



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