“Chewbacca Mom” Candace Payne recently received full tuition from Southeastern University for her and her family in reaction to a viral video of her trying on a Chewbacca mask.  Now, some on Twitter are insinuating that this internet celebrity achieved her success simply due to the color of her skin, not the content of her video.

As documented by Katherine Timpf at National Review, a writer for the Daily Dot went so far as to argue,“Real rewards typically reaped for online success tend to heavily favor insta-celebrities who are white.”

Here we go again.

One user even said in reference to the scholarship, “Is there anything whiteness can’t do?”

This is what happens when college students are taught to view the world through the lens of white privilege and obsess over dividing everyone by race, class, and sex. A quick review of any course catalog will see how many courses focus on dividing individuals into categories. Thus, students graduate from school and proceed to apply the lessons they learned in their women’s studies classes to real life scenarios just like this. While this particular bout of liberal outrage is totally hilarious, it’s also a little frightening. Let the Left’s protests over a woman who earned a little innocent internet fame serve as another reminder that conservatives need to stand up to these insane ideas on campus so that they never get the chance to make it out into the real world.

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