cheToday marks 47 years since the death of Marxist revolutionary
Che Guevara-an international terrorist responsible for the murder
of thousands of innocent people.

Despite Che’s murderous history, the Left continues to glorify
and idolize him.  Images of Che’s face can be seen on
t-shirts, coffee mugs, keychains, and sweatshirts-ironic because he
wasn’t a proponent of free-markets.  Students walk around
their campuses wearing shirts with Che’s image on it, yet they have
no idea of the atrocities he committed.  Unfortunately, most
students either ignore this part of his story or are never truly
informed about his actions. 

Every year Young America’s Foundation sponsors “No More Che Day”
on October 9, the day of Che’s death.  “No More Che Day” is
designed to educate campus communities about Che’s cult of
violence.  This day brings awareness to the negative effects
of socialism and what the ultimate goal of socialism is-conformity
or death.   

For example, most students probably do not know that Che said,
“We reject any peaceful approach.  Violence is
inevitable.  To establish socialism, rivers of blood must
flow.”  One could easily attribute this quote to Adolf
Hitler-but it was Che Guevarra.

Why do our colleges which claim to uphold standards of
“tolerance,” allow students and faculty to idolize and celebrate
the life of a man who had no tolerance for others and rejected
peaceful approaches?

However, maybe that isn’t so shocking since Che also said,
“Youth should learn to think and act as a mass.  It is
criminal to think as individuals.”  This seems to be the
direction that colleges are going today-with many schools trying to
suppress free speech through “free speech” zones and other
restrictive campus policies. 

Each year, without fail, Young America’s Foundation student
activists face obstacles when organizing “No More Che Day.” 
2011, a teacher at Columbia Independent High School asked a student
to remove posters depicting Che’s atrocities

Interestingly enough, students don’t need permission to decorate
the outside of their lockers, but in this student’s case, his free
speech rights were revoked. 

In 2012, the University of Maryland YAF Chapter student activists
were called “hypocrites” for exposing the atrocities of
.  These students who challenged the YAF Chapter said
that the US and CIA were responsible for genocide all over the
world and that Che should be revered as a hero in fighting for
“social justice.”

Che honestly believed that “the victory of socialism is well
worth millions of atomic victims.”  Che’s name is associated
with revolution and rebellion, yet many people don’t know that his
end goal was to execute anyone who didn’t embrace socialist

On the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) campus, one
can find the “Che Café” where members are called the
“collective.”  In 2002, the Che collective agreed to finance a
website that served as a directory for radical resources.  It
is important to note that UCSD is a taxpayer-funded institution and
this Café is a place where collectivist thoughts and radical ideas
are encouraged and promoted.  Since 2010, the Che Café has
been sued and threatened with eviction.  To this day, the Che
Café is still open and fighting in court to keep its doors

In a letter to his father, Che wrote, “I’d like to confess, at
that moment I discovered that I really like killing.”  One
wonders if that average student wearing a “Che” t-shirt knows what
this “hero” truly stood for. 

October 9 is a day that should be used to educate and inform
everyone, but especially our nation’s youth of the murderous thug
that Che was.  Che should not be hailed as a revolutionary
hero.  He should be known for the evil mass murderer that he
was.  His socialist ideas should be exposed for what they
are-part of the Communist governments that are responsible for
murdering more than 100,000,000 people. 

Ashley Pratte is the spokeswoman for Young America’s

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