On Saturday, May 21st, Arianna Huffington delivered the commencement speech at the graduation ceremony for Tufts University’s Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. While most of the speech focused on getting the recommended amount of sleep (seriously), part of it took a different turn and instead focused on encouraging students to drown out people with opposing viewpoints.

According to Huffington:

“The alternative is to pretend that the truth is always in the middle, and that our job is to present two sides to everything. But not every story has two sides, and the truth is often found on one side or the other. The Earth is not flat. Evolution is a fact. Global warming is a fact.”

She continued to say, “We know these are all false and all wrong—and if we don’t say so clearly and unequivocally, that’s how these insidious falsehoods become whitewashed and mainstreamed.”

This is a textbook example of liberal leaders encouraging students to shut down debate. Rather than presenting real facts and figures and engaging with the opposition, the Left prefers to label conservative ideas as “factually incorrect,” brush them aside, and ignore challenging arguments forever.

Contrary to Huffington’s misguided advice, academia should not be a place to end the conversation, it’s where the conversation begins.

Liberals like to claim they are “open-minded,” but that all goes out the window when people express ideas with which they don’t agree.

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