unknown By: Gabriella Morrongiello

It has been almost a year since I first became involved with
Young America’s Foundation. Unbeknownst to me, last summer my
mother signed me up for the annual National Conservative Student
Conference (NCSC). When the conference began, I was a cynical college
student who thought I had it all figured out. Four days later,
after having listened to a variety of iconic figures in the
conservative movement speak on free enterprise, morality, and
individual responsibility, I had been revolutionized into a young
activist with an unwavering devotion to advancing the Conservative Movement. 

I attend Oregon State, a public university on the “left coast,”
as John Gizzi likes to say. Liberal professors have permeated OSU’s
classrooms. Removing campus news bins containing a conservative
student publication and failing to offset the vast amount of
liberal speakers brought to campus with conservative speakers from the right
are just a few examples of the intolerance of opinion my school
administrators have displayed.

A month after returning home from NCSC, I began my sophomore
year at OSU where I recruited a few like-minded friends and
established a Young Americans for Freedom chapter. I was
immediately shocked with the outpouring of support I received from
members of YAF. Educational pamphlets, buttons, posters and films
were sent to me. It was everything I needed to launch my chapter
and keep students interested. I was flown out to the Reagan Ranch
Center for a weekend of activism training and consultation with
other YAF chapter chairs. Periodically, YAF program director Kate
Edwards would check in with me and see how things were going on
campus. Just a few weeks ago I received a new box full of fresh

I am continuously amazed with this organization’s generosity and
the time and effort they spend on helping us activists succeed.
Additionally, I’ve been amazed at the amount of opportunities I’ve
encountered due to my affiliation with YAF. From interning with the
National Journalism Center to meeting with congressmen in D.C., I owe
it all to my involvement with this organization.

Leading my YAF chapter has been a rewarding experience not just
to me, but to my peers as well. It has allowed me to stand up to
the shameful indoctrination on my campus while simultaneously
encouraging other students to do the same. When the going gets
tough, the tough get going and that is exactly what I see myself
and fellow YAF chapter chairs doing at college campuses today. We
are fighting to restore this great country and the responses I’ve
received as a YAF chapter chair continue to give me hope and
inspire my contributions to the conservative movement.


Gabriella Morrongiello is an intern for the National Journalism Center, placed at the Washington Examiner. She will be a junior at Oregon State University, and is chairman of the OSU Young Americans for Freedom chapter. 


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