Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 11.00.57 AMSANTA BARBARA, CA– Senator Rand Paul visited Young America’s Foundation’s Reagan Ranch Center last week to share his critical insights on important issues with students and community members.

The Senator began his remarks by emphasizing the need for conservatives to bring their message to locations where it has historically been absent, citing his own speech at Berkeley as an example. He told the crowd, “We have to take what we believe in to new audiences. We have to go to new places. We have to go places we haven’t been.”

“We have to take what we believe in to new audiences.”

“Too often it’s go along to get along in Washington,” he remarked.

Senator Paul also discussed the Bill of Rights, explaining to the audience,  “[The Americans revolutionaries] never would have conceived of any government thinking they can take your guns away from you. Guns were an integral part of your life, guns were an integral part of getting your food for your table, […] guns were an integral part in keeping people from coming into your house. Guns were also an integral part of  keeping tyrannical government from invading your space as well. It was the threat of an angry populace. That’s why we put the second amendment out for.”

He noted, however, “We fought the revolutions much more for the fourth amendment than the second amendment.”

In response to a student’s question about the current state of the conservative movement, Senator Paul provided some perspective, noting, “Barry Goldwater didn’t do very well and Ronald Reagan sort of rose up out of those ashes. So you don’t know what happens.”

Make sure to watch the speech in its entirety below for more wisdom from one of our country’s most prominent freedom fighters.

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