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  • Washington Times: Mattera vs Zernike

    2/23/2010 10:50:05 AM Posted by Jason Mattera

    Jennifer Harper at the Washington Times has an excellent recap in today’s paper on the controversy brewing between me and Kate Zernike. Zernike, recall, is the hack reporter for the New York Times who accused me of engaging in “racial stereotypes” during my CPAC speech. The content of my speech was on my forthcoming book Obama Zombies: How the Liberal Machine Brainwashed My Generation, and the racial tone Zernike claims to have heard was my Brooklyn accent. Yes, apparently northeastern speech patterns are now taboo in Obama’s post-racial America.

    From Ms. Harper:

    An appearance at CPAC launched a battle for Jason Mattera, spokesman for Young America's Foundation and author of the forthcoming book "Obama Zombies: How the Liberal Machine Brainwashed My Generation." He offered a spirited address before the conservative gathering last week, parsing out the disconnect between liberals and the youth vote.

    But his words and style did not resonate much with New York Times writer Kate Zernike, who titled her review of his discussion "CPAC Speaker bashes Obama, in racial overtones," suggesting the Brooklyn native - who is of Latino descent - used the ethnic cadence of black comedian Chris Rock. But Mr. Mattera was just sounding like, uh, a typical Brooklynite, he says.

    "Kate Zernike should be fired immediately. She has no business being in a newsroom. Her allegation is absurd and flatly not true," Mr. Mattera tells Inside the Beltway. "The racial stereotyping she speaks of was nothing more than my Brooklyn accent, something she could've figured out by doing a quick Internet search of me. Is it now the policy of the New York Times to allow its reporters to just make stuff up without any evidence? I bet Zernike's journalism role model was Jason Blair."

    Follow the link  to read Zernike’s tepid response. She’s starting to backtrack, as she should. But that's not enough. She should be fired for such a bald-faced lie.



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    • D.R.,Thank you for your kind words regarding my son and your best wisehs for my family. You are indeed kind and thoughtful. My son is a wonderful, kind and sweet man who didn't deserve what happened, but that is life and he rode it out with grace and dignity. You were also kind when we lost our little Chihuahua. I hope your little Chihuahua friends are doing well.I must tell you that my judgment of Beck is my own due to some of the things he does and says that are highly questionable. My statement that some regard what he says as prophesy and the God's own truth is true because I personally know them. There is a high degree of narrow thinking in their arguments and their ideas of the reasons behind some of the problems they see in this country and the radical solutions they believe are required. It is very difficult to talk about the state of the country with them because they have fused politics with religion to the extent that they have built a wall around what is really going on in the world. Beck makes sense sometimes, but for the most part he uses his forum to create confusion and fan the flames of discontent that come with every economic downturn. He and many tea party members keep repeating the senseless mantra that they want to Take our country back. I assume they mean taking it back from the leaders elected by a majority of Americans. Much of the rhetoric sounds as though they are against pluralism; much like the skinheads' White supremacy. That scares the heck out of me. When we really think about it, the minorities of different races are becoming the majority in this country. What will we do in the future if they decide that it is time to Take back the country. I'm for nurturing tolerance and integrity and plurality just as a common sense approach. The idea that there is a new enemy every other day is mentally exhausting.When I heard Beck make the statement, social justice is a code word for Nazism and fascism I was appalled. That is certainly not Mormon doctrine; in fact, I grew up with a strong sense of social justice, taught at home and reinforced at church. I knew that it was wrong to look down on others or to judge them; that it takes all kinds to make a world. I knew that the color of skin doesn't matter or the amount of money or lack thereof, etc. I knew that if I helped someone, I was living what Jesus taught and that the bread cast upon the waters would return in kind. That meant that being selfish or hateful would also return in kind. I knew that we had a government in school, community, church, State, and the nation and that I should respect the teachings of my elders in church and at home. I also learned through Mormon teaching that I should respect those who were duly elected to govern the country and serve my country in whatever was needed. Glen Beck is taking those simple basics of social justice to a new level in interpreting them as subversive and labeling them when applied to government with inflammatory labels like fascism indoctrination, socialism etc.Thank you for your reply. Know that I am a liberal Mormon. Yes, they are a rare breed in this neck of the woods; especially the home grown ones; not transplanted. NRF,I am surrounded also; especially in my own home because I am a fifth generation Mormon. I thought your remark about Mormons believing that they can have their own planet was a bit derisive. What could possibly be wrong with that? If you're going to believe in a hereafter, you may as well hope for something that will jazz things up a little, don't you think.
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