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  • What Will Make 2009 Top Ten Lists?

    12/28/2009 4:08:30 PM Posted by Roger Custer

    By Danny Laub, Saint Louis University 

    It's that time, when top news agencies, TV stations and your friendly neighborhood bloggers start putting together their lists of the top ten policy-related events of 2009.  What will make the list? Will it be the economy? The handling of swine flu or the Obama's inauguration?  There are certainly some things that should make these lists, but will probably be omitted.Danny

    On top of these famed top ten lists, where will the tea parties rank?  Will any of the major networks or newspapers list them on the top of their lists?  After all, tea parties have been one of the biggest stories of the year and arguably the biggest policy-related story outside the beltway. Will they list Climategate and the heightened level of skepticism about global warming, whose end of the year bombshell this year was heard internationally? I'm sure they'll cover Obama’s inauguration, but will they accurately portray his big government initiatives?

    The most culturally representative and significant policy-related event would probably be Michaele and Tareq Salahi crashing the state house dinner and the Obama's administration almost unwarranted willingness to throw the Secret Service under the bus for White House staffer's mistakes.

    Maybe they can touch on Obama's type of 'kind' diplomacy, which consists of being of being nice to our harshest enemies and the world's worst dictators, which so far have achieved little results other than laughs.

    When Iran makes these lists, if it does, will it be focused on America's missteps or will they be ignored? The squandered opportunity to support the revolution when Obama, instead, distanced himself from their breathe of freedom.

    Will these news outlets properly portray their own decline?  With the mainstream media falling out of fashion, newspapers making cuts and TV viewership dropping, one would think that this would be a significant event of 2009.

    Will Obama be ridiculed and reported for his blaming Bush at every turn for all these problems that he claims to have “inherited” as the deficit continues to skyrocket and unemployment increases in massive amounts?


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