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    12/30/2009 2:50:37 PM Posted by Cheri Cerame


    By Travis Korson, George Washington University
    It seems that once again, the faculty and administration of George Washington University are out of touch with current news.   Ignoring the global warming data scandal that is ‘Climategate,’ officials have decided to move full forward with a new ‘Green Book Club.’  Instead, they should be reconsidering  the validity of ‘Green’ GW programs that cost the University thousands of dollars annually and reflect upon the arguments for global warming in light of recent allegations of data manipulation.Gore
    But this is just a small part in what is the larger narrative of GW’s very own push for global warming alarmism.  While leftist bias on our campus is nothing new, it reached a new low this summer when incoming Freshman were required to read Thomas Friedman’s Hot, Flat and Crowded being told that “many Professors will be referencing this work in their class.”  For those unfamiliar with the piece, the book is about “why we need a Green Revolution.”
    Last month brought Global Warming hypocrite Al Gore to the University to discuss his new book Our Choice.

    Now the alarmism only continues as the University launches this so-called “Green Book Club.”  To promote their agenda further, GWU is also hosting Mr. Friedman himself in January to promote his propaganda to not only the Freshman, but the entire student body.
    Even more disturbing is that GWU is trying to extend this indoctrination to high schools by reaching out through a ‘green alumni network’ to 50 schools that have sent graduates to GWU.
    Needless to say, this type of shameless promotion for a cause I don’t support makes me sick.  Instead of focusing on important campus issues; such as rising tuition costs and declining academic standards, GW has instead decided to waste countless resources on a frivolous program.

    Travis Korson is the President of the George Washington University Chapter of Young America’s Foundation


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